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Double Tree offers a fantastic hotel which has 147 guest rooms, these rooms offer fantastic panoramic views of the river. Within the Double Tree experience there are numerous opporunities to enjoy food and beverages, this includes fine dining, a lobby bar, a lounge, meeting rooms and also a ballroom. Also located within the hotel is a Spa which is operated by Hilton Global Spa Concept. The spa provides fantastic treatment within different treatement rooms there are thermal water which allows guests to enjoy the treatment they receive in a private room.

What's available

There are many different job opportunities within the Double Tree business. Vacancies are continually available within different areas of the hospitality business, including receptionist opportunities, bar staff, waiting staff and also management opportunities. Employees are also required for the Spa which is operated by Hilton. The spa has exceptionally high standards with high prices being paid by clients for excellent treatments within the high class spa. Throughout the hotel high standards are held and therefore potential employees must understand the ethos of Double Tree. This is a prestigious employer with many people often applying for the vacancies which are available, employees are rewarded well by Double Tree and also Hilton.

Why Double Tree?

Double Tree offers excellent benefits to employees, often exceeding many other benefits offered by its competitors. Benefits include offering competitive salaries and discounts throughout the Hilton chain. Many employees state that one of the best benefits which Double Tree offers is the opportunity for self development and career progression. Employees have opportunities to transfer their skills throughout the Hilton chain, meaning promotion opportunities are continually available. Management positions which become vacant are advertised internally which means career progression is possible for all.

What's next

People wishing to work for Double Tree should first check to see any vacancies which are available and then assess if they are suitable. The majority of jobs are advertised directly on the Double Tree website, although on occasion local recruitment agencies are also used. The usual process for applying for jobs is the submission of a CV and also the completion of an application form. The usual format is individual interviews in order to assess who is the best individual for the vacancy.

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