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The Chedi Hotel is a new addition to the well known hotel chain GHM Hotels. The Chedi offers excellent opportunities to relax and offers a resort which provides the pleasures of resort living in the heart of a historical city. The hotel is well placed within the banks of the renowned Mae Ping River located within Chiang Mai. The hotel offers 84 rooms which have been specifically designed in order to meet the individual needs. Specifications include private rooms which offer private courtyards, open balconies and also breathtaking views. The facilities which are provided by the hotel are of the highest standard and provide nostalgic appeal, stylish amenities and discreet services.

What's available

Numerous jobs are available throughout the organisation, jobs include general hospitality jobs and also leisure focused jobs. Many vacancies are available in numerous areas of the business which include the spa, restaurant, reception and bar. The company offers many progression opportunities and therefore the business is ideal for graduates looking for their first professional job. There are many benefits offered by The Chedi hotel and therefore there are large amounts of applicants for vacancies.

Why The Chedi?

The Chedi offers excellent benefits to employees, often exceeding many other benefits offered by its competitors. Benefits include offering competitive salaries and discounts throughout the Hilton chain. Many employees state that one of the best benefits which The Chedi offers is the opportunity for self development and career progression. Employees have opportunities to transfer their skills throughout the Chedi chain, meaning promotion opportunities are continually available. Management positions which become vacant are advertised internally which means career progression is possible for all.

What's next

The Chedi often has many opportunities for potential employees and large amounts of people usually apply to the vacancies. The usual process for individuals is to submit a CV and also to fill in an application form, in many cases psychological tests are also in place. People should first check if there are any vacancies within the area which an individual live. Success in the application stage usually results in an one to one interview, although in some cases group interviews are common.

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