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Beautician Courses

If you are considering beautician courses, there are lots of decisions to make. You'll find beautician courses on offer at both local colleges and private beauty schools - the key is the certification they offer.

The industry standard for beautician courses is the NVQ - obtaining an NVQ shows an employer that you are serious about your career and training, and that you have invested the time and money to get the right qualification.

NVQs therefore show employers and clients that you can do your job to a high standard.

The standard qualification is the Beauty Therapy NVQ, and you can study for this either through a salon or and NVQ provider. It is a hands on course that involves working in a salon to gain practical experience, while having regular assessments to see how you are progressing. The assessments can be done either in the salon or with a training provider.

Beautician courses available :

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