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Nail Courses

If you are interested in studying for nail courses there are lots of options available, and plenty of providers to choose from. Nail courses cover areas such as manicure, pedicure, gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions.

However, when evaluating different nail courses, it is worth remembering that the NVQ Level 2 nail course is fast becoming the industry standard in salons - it covers manicure and pedicure, gel or acrylic nail extensions and nail art.

NVQ nail courses abide by the standards set by HABIA, the UK's national governing body for the hair, beauty, nail, and spa industries, and is nationally recognised by salon owners and the general public. NVQ certification also means that you are insurable with any insurer that offers Professional Beauty/Nail insurance.

The alternative to an NVQ is the NABS Certificate. NABS courses are also accredited by insurance companies, and although they are less recognised than an NVQ, many salon owners accept them.

Nail courses available :

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