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Reflexology Courses

Studying reflexology courses will train you for a complementary medicine practice in which therapists apply pressure to specific reflex points on their clients' hands and feet.

Reflexology courses will teach you about the reflex points, key areas that are believed to be joined to the major organs by 'energy pathways' - by activating them, a therapist can encourage the body's natural healing.

It's important to compare different reflexology courses, as there are currently no legal training and registration regulations for reflexology - it is thus essential to find training that is accredited by a professional body.

A typical program should last at least a year, thus most are offered part-time. There should be a minimum of 100 hours of study, with supervised practical treatments an essential part of any worthwhile course.

Trained practitioners find work in settings such as hospitals, hospices, practices attached to GP surgeries or natural health centres.

Reflexology courses available :

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