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Founder and MD of The Hand & Foot Spa, Donna Haar-Jorgensen, opened the first Hand & Foot Spa in Richmond in 2007. Following its success, she subsequently opened a further two Spas in Wimbledon Village and Esher.

The concept of The Hand & Foot Spa evolved after Donna recognised a place in the market for a Spa dedicated to the health, as well as the appearance, of the hands and feet.

The Hand & Foot Spa’s comprehensive range of treatments are individually designed to offer everything you need for healthy hands and feet and perfectly polished fingers and toes.


The Hand & Foot Spa provides the latest in high quality hand and foot care techniques. We source the very best products and combine strict standards of clinical hygiene with knowledgeable advice and excellent levels of personal service. All of our technicians are highly trained specialists and consist of Nail Technicians, Foot Specialists and Podiatrists.


The staff at our Spas are highly trained and experienced. They provide exceptional levels of care and advice for our clients, and are always friendly and welcoming. If you are an experienced, professional and well qualified nail technician, foot specialist, podiatrist or receptionist and share our ethos of putting our clients first, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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