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Whitbread PLC is the UK's largest hotel and restaurant company operating market-leading businesses in the budget hotels and restaurant sectors. Whitbread is a family of brands, all of which are in the business of providing hospitality in one shape or form.

Whitbread PLC employs over 33,000 people and serves 9 million customers every month in its 1,800 outlets across the UK. We have set our sights on ambitious and fast-paced growth. We've got plans to open 1,000 new sites by 2010, which could mean as many as 20,000 more people working for Whitbread by the end of the decade


We operate the number one brands in the UK in hotels and restaurants. Brands include Premier Inn, Beefeater, Table Table, Brewers Fayre, Taybarns and Costa Coffee.


The Whitbread brands are already household names, but it's our people who make the difference - they're passionate, guest focussed and nice to be around, which makes us not only a great place to eat sleep and drink, but also a great place to work! If you would like to share in our success and help us achieve our ambitious growth agenda – then we’d like to hear from you.

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