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E3 consist of a team who want to provide that special service, a hello with a smile at reception, members of staff at hand when you need information or assistance. A genuine interest in our clients’ goals and how they can achieve them. We are passionate about our industry and helping others.

The E3 Team are fully qualified for the position they hold and have a wealth of experience to fully assist clients, whether it be weight loss, toning, sports specific, etc… or even if it is to just pop in and have a coffee with us.


We have now established ourselves as a Health and Wellness Centre with a difference...What is the difference? It's more what we haven't got instead of listing all that we have...What we mean is.... we are NOT a bodybuilding club, we don't blast the music out of the speakers and we don't just give you one initial program and forget about you!! We want to make a difference and look after our members and help you achieve your goals, with support and knowledgeable advice which will suit your lifestyle.


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