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The Fitness Industry Association (FIA) is the trade body which represents every reputable organisation in the health and fitness industry. We currently represent over 2800 operators in the public and private sectors, as well as 250 supplier organisations.

As an effective industry body we must:

  • Create a favourable environment for its members to operate in
  • Promote its members to all existing and potential customers, as well as all stakeholders
  • Defend the reputation and business interests of its members
  • Support its members in any way it can.


There are many reasons why over 3,000 organizations in this sector are members of the FIA, but perhaps the most frequently cited are:

  • Collective Purchasing- adding value to members 'bottom line'
  • Professional Development Seminars & Events - developing staff and sharing best practice
  • Community Engagement programmes - linking clubs/centres with their local community and generating extra footfall
  • Government Campaigns– participating in Department of Health campaigns such as 'Know Your Limits' and 'Change4life' provide members with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their wellbeing partner credentials
  • Sponsoring opportunities- increases brand awareness and relevance in highly selective environments.


Join us at FIA for a rewarding and challenging career.

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