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ghd is delighted to announce the launch of ghd spa: a brand new, groundbreaking range of scalp and hair care therapies, specifically developed for spa clients.

ghd spa grew out of a long term belief that wellness is closely connected to happiness in your personal appearance. We know that clients would like to leave a spa with total confidence in the way they look, and that extends to their hair. ghd spa now provides therapists with the knowledge, education and product to meet that demand.


ghd spa products are divided into four product ranges: IMMORTAL, PRAYER, SAVIOUR and TRINITY. Each range addresses the day-to-day needs of different hair types, including treatment to the scalp, from stressed, damaged and aging hair to oily, combination, tired and lacklustre hair conditions.

The ghd spa treatment menu comprises five treatments: age defying, emergency rescue, daily defence, combination and men’s experience, each designed to treat a client’s scalp and hair concerns from the treatment room, and put them on a six week personalised path to restoration.


Some people have an instinctive feel for fashion; transcending trends, defying convention. These people find the perfect place for their talents to thrive, at ghd.

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