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In September 2001 we were shocked by the labour turnover and lack of employee engagement within service industries, and decided it was time to act. After conducting research; we found that to feel engaged, employees need: communication, leadership, a clear career path, development and to have shared values with their employers whilst having their own aspirations met. Our simple, exciting and powerful solutions have been created to help engage, develop and retain the talented employees organisations need in order to prosper and grow.

We work with the best partners and associates and are a well-recognised and respected brand. We have an impressive client list that includes many top brands and forward thinking companies, both here and overseas. Could you be next on our impressive client list?


learnpurple are specialists in engaging, retaining and developing talented people in businesses

learnpurple enables businesses to engage, develop and retain top talent and maximise performance. We do this via a range of exciting products and services.


Contact us at learnpurple to find out more about inspiring and rewarding careers.

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