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The Personal Training Centre was established in 1996 by London Fitness bringing together teams of experienced and highly qualified male and female trainers and therapists.


The Personal Training Centre provides a range of services, and an unrivalled wealth of experience in the Health and Fitness industry.

We operate the Personal Training Centre Group, providing personal training in London and across the country. The Centres promote a holistic approach to training - helping our clients to improve their health and fitness in an effective and professional environment.


PTC provides consulting services to any group or individual interested in installing, building, renovating or improving a health club. At London Fitness we can source a wide range of gym equipment and accessories at great prices.


How about owning your own PT business where you keep all the profit plus you get all the help? Revenue streams including Bootcamps, Nutritional products, Equipment Sales, Merchandising and Website Membership subscriptions. You will receive full initial and support franchise pack. Contact us for more information.

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