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Formed in 1980 by Christopher and David Johnson, Pulse is still managed by the company’s founders today.

Uniquely, Pulse designs and continues to develop four main fitness equipment ranges in the UK from its corporate headquarters in Congleton Cheshire where it employs over 100 people. In addition, the Pulse brand is currently represented in 20 countries worldwide, with offices in the UK, Ireland and Germany.


In the UK and Ireland, Pulse is the largest fitness solutions provider serving over 3000 customers in the local authority, sports and recreation, private health and leisure, schools, colleges and university markets. Added to which, Pulse supplies many hospitality venues, like cruise liners, hotels and corporate companies who offer fitness to their guests and employees. Pulse also holds official supplier status to medical facilities, the military and both amateur and professional sports organisations.


At Pulse we are constantly seeking talented, enthusiastic and dynamic people to add value to our business and to help us achieve our goals. In return we will reward, recognise and support your career within the Pulse Group. After all, it's due to the commitment and dedication of all our staff that we remain the market leaders in fitness equipment and leisure solutions provision.

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