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Roko Health Clubs, the premium affordable family health club is part of The Sports & Leisure Group, a leading developer and operator of UK multi sports and leisure facilities. It has developed and currently operates five premium health clubs under the brand name ROKO Health Clubs in:

• Chiswick Bridge
• Gillingham
• Nottingham
• Portsmouth
• York


The clubs provide large, premium, family friendly, fitness, spa and leisure facilities at competitive “middle income” membership rates. Roko Health Clubs embrace a comprehensive member retention strategy through an industry leading customer relationship management programme.

Every Roko has an indoor pool with spa, sauna and steam room, a spacious and well equipped fitness arena, exercise studios with over 60 weekly classes, luxury changing rooms, beauty salon,  club lounge serving Costa Coffee and FitLinxx - your own electronic personal trainer

In addition most Roko clubs have a creche & day nursery, tennis and/or squash, complimentary internet access and/or wi-fi.


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