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CV Writing Tips

There are lots of CV tips available to help you get yours right, and we have the best of them here. Using good CV tips will ensure that your r?sum? rises to the top of the pile, increasing the chances of you getting a job.

Ultimately, that is the bottom line for any CV tips - the job of your r?sum? is to represent you to employers, give them the information they need to make a decision on whether or not to interview you.

So our top CV tips are:

Keep it short and sweet: Employers often have to wade through hundreds of r?sum?s to select just a few people to interview. If your r?sum? is long and rambling, it will soon wind up in the rejects pile.

Plan it out: A logically presented r?sum? tells the employer that you are organized, that you put some thought into what you do - in short, that you are professional. A typical r?sum? starts with your key skills and recent experience, then also includes your Profile, Achievements, Experience, Special Skills (e.g. languages, IT skills), and your Education and Training.

Put it in order: In sections where you have information on jobs, training etc, be sure to list your most recent achievements first.

The right r?sum? for the right job: Don't have one generic r?sum? that you send to everyone - you should tailor your r?sum? for each job. Think about what the employer wants - they tell you in the job description and profile - and make sure your r?sum? demonstrates that you have those skills and qualities.

Check and double check: It is essential that your r?sum? is factually accurate, that dates are correct, and that your spelling and grammar are spot on. A scruffy, error-filled r?sum? will tell an employer that you don't take your work seriously, and will guarantee rejection.

Send a cover letter: Unless specifically told not to, always send a cover letter. A cover letter adds a more personal touch, and also allows you to highlight a few things you want the employer to focus on - specifically, the two or three areas of experience from your r?sum? that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

Always remember that your r?sum? is your avatar, your sales representative - its job is to make you look good and get you an interview, so take the time to get it right.