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Finding a Spa Manager jobs is relatively simple with SpaandLeisureJobs.co.uk. You can search hundreds of Spa and Spa Manager jobs with the industry's leading employers as we currently have positions across the UK, including London, Manchester, South East and Scotland.

The Spa Manager Job role is primarily to manage the spa facilities within the health club or hotel, including managing all beauty therapists, hair stylists and skincare specialists. You will also be responsible for their personal development and quality of service that they are providing as well as ensuring the beauty / spa facilities are maintained and running efficiently. In certain facilities your role will also involve driving revenue and organising events and developing initiatives to do this.

Spa Manager Jobs are usually with Health Clubs, Hotels or Leisure Centres. The size of the facility will largely determine the main responsibilities of your job and salaries will vary greatly based on this. Spa Manager Jobs are also available on cruise ships or within hotels.

Once you have a job as a Spa Manager, you are already on the management ladder. Your career progression options are wide. You could continue with the General Management route to become a Club Manager or choose to become an Operations Manager or Sales Manager.

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