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Type of Job

Working as a football coach you will develop the knowledge, techniques and motivation of both individual players and teams.

What is the job about?

Football coaches work with players at all levels, from beginners to top professionals. The work involves:

  • Planning and running coaching activities, sessions and programmes
  • Providing players with feedback and giving advice on performance, fitness, technical skills and team work
  • Developing strategies and tactics for both individual and team play
  • Offering guidance on nutrition and injury prevention

If you are working at a higher level you may also be asked to analyse matches or develop new training methods and programmes.

There are many opportunities to coach at the amateur level, often with children or youth teams, though these are often as a volunteer. At the professional level you could work with players in football academies and league clubs.

Community football coaches work with clubs, schools and local authorities, or with local community organisations to develop opportunities for young people to get involved in sports.

Key Skills & Knowledge needed

Football coaches must have knowledge, skills and an interest in football. They will also need energy, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others. Other skills include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Patience
  • The ability to work with different ability levels
  • Good skills in providing tactful, positive advice and constructive criticism
  • A confident and professional manner.

Qualifications and experience needed

Football coaches can complete Football Association (FA) coaching qualifications from level 1 through to UEFA 'A' Licence. Level 1 provides an introduction to coaching and the opportunity to improve your skills and understanding.

You will also find that 1st4sport Qualifications offer FA coaching qualifications, as well as other awards in subjects such as the treatment and management of football injuries.

What other training and development could I do?

Qualified football coaches who have completed qualifications up to Level 2, and have gained experience of coaching, can progress through the higher-level FA qualifications.

You could also look at NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Coaching, Teaching and Instructing.

Salary and benefit expectations

Most football coaches are often employed for a few hours a week, and are paid an hourly rate. However, community football coaches typically earn between ?16,000 and ?24,000 a year, while professional league/Premiership coaches can earn between ?25,000 and ?250,000, depending on their role and the level of the club.

Where else can I go for more information?

Sport England

sports coach UK

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Advice line: 08000 933300

1st4sport Qualifications
Coachwise Ltd
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Tel: 0113 290 7610

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