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Pilates Courses

Taking Pilates courses is a smart decision - over the past ten years Pilates has become increasingly popular, not only with athletes and dancers, but with the general population. It is also widely used to rehabilitate injuries. As a result, there is a growing demand for qualified teachers.

There are Pilates courses offered by a number of providers. You can learn more about training and certification from the following:

  • SkillsActive
  • Body Control Pilates
  • Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

Training will teach you the various techniques needed to help clients realign the body's structure and achieve a balance within the musculo-skeletal system. This work is done either with a small groups of clients, usually between 4-12 people, or one to one, tailoring classes to suit teach people to move with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

You will need to learn how to work either on mats, or equipment that has been designed to isolate and develop specific muscle groups.

Pilates courses available :

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