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Job Profiles for Leisure Industry

Reading job profiles is a great way to get information about jobs or careers that you think you might be interested in. Job profiles contain lots of information, enabling you to compare different positions and see which might be suitable for you.

So what sorts of information should job profiles contain? Firstly they will have a brief description of the job, giving you a basic overview of the work involved, and how it fits in with other positions in the industry.

However, good job profiles will go much deeper than that, covering everything you need to have an idea if this is of interest to you. So choose one of the profiles below or look further down for a quick idea of what to specifically look for:

The other sorts of things to look for include:

Skills and knowledge

What sorts of skills and background might you need to do this work? Many jobs require a specific background, so this is your chance to see if you match up to what most people in the industry will have.

The hours

The working week has changed, with many jobs now involving shifts, overtime, and unsociable hours. Make sure you know what is involved and that it will fit your lifestyle.


The modern workplace requires certification for almost every position imaginable. Find out what are the entry requirements for the jobs you are considering, where you will find training, and what the costs are.

Entry Requirements

In order to even start a training course you will often need some experience or basic qualifications like GCSEs in English or Maths.


This is the one every one wants to know - how much will I earn? Is this position salaried, hourly paid, or will you be relying on commission to make up your pay packet?


In today's fast changing work market it is essential to know if the career path you are looking at will even exist in ten years time. Jobs that are plentiful now may be rare in a few years time, while opportunities will have opened up providing services we haven't even thought of yet. How future proof is your career?


Finally, it is helpful to know where you can get information. Is there a national governing body that has good information? Who are the training providers and where do you find them?

With so many potential careers to choose from, it pays to do your homework before committing to a career path.